People have been waking and baking long before dispensaries opened up across the country. Some people wake and bake every day. Others enjoy it on special occasions. Perhaps you have a long rainy weekend ahead of you and are looking to try it out for the first time.

Regardless of whether it is your first time or if you did it yesterday, you should know that while waking and baking is not an exact science, there is certainly an art to it. From choosing between indica and sativa to deciding if an edible or vape pen is right for you, all sorts of decisions can — and will — alter your wake and bake journey. But fear not, because as long as you consider the following factors, you can have a successful and blissful wake and bake experience.

Smoke, Drink, Eat or Vape?

When you decide whether to eat, drink, vape or smoke your weed in the morning, you really just need to consider how much time you have and how you want to feel. If you want to enjoy most of the day high, edibles are the way to go. They kick in slowly and will fold into your entire morning and afternoon. Just be ready to be high for 6 hours (or longer).

If you want to feel normal later in the day, smoking or vaping are good ideas. If you don’t smoke often, a vape pen might be a good idea. Smoking in the morning can feel extra-harsh for those who don’t smoke regularly. Otherwise, smoking works just fine.

If you are a novice, consider a lower-dose cannabis beverage. They go down easy, often have vitamins, and hit your bloodstream fast. This way you will feel the effects quickly, allowing you to control your high better.

Indica or Sativa?

When it comes to waking and baking, most enthusiasts agree that sativa is the way to go. High Times once said, “If you are waking and baking with anything other than a sativa, you’re doing it wrong.” This is because indica is known to calm and sedate you. In other words, it can put you back to sleep.

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If, however, sativa makes you a bit anxious, consider a hybrid. Or if indica doesn’t make you feel lethargic and mellow, use the strain that works for you — just make sure you get a good night’s sleep and have your coffee in hand. But in general, creative and energy-producing sativa strains like sour diesel are the way to go for most wake and bake journeys.

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Perfect Pairings for a Wake & Bake

Nitro Cold Brew: As we reported previously, cannabis and coffee are a trendy combination these days. This high-caffeine beverage is a great cold drink to sip throughout the morning. It pairs well with an edible as it is highly potent, but if ingested slowly, the caffeine will stay flowing through your system.

A Healthy Breakfast: Don’t skip breakfast. In fact, pre-planning a hearty and nutritious breakfast is a great way to enhance your high without weighing you down. Oil-based foods with an oil-based edible can help make the edible last longer. Avoid deep fried foods, and opt for natural fats like avocados.

Consider Snacks That Compliment Your High: In addition to your breakfast, consider food items that can help enhance your high. As we have previously reported, foods like mangoes, curries and even a beer can help further and intensify your wake and bake experience. This doesn’t mean you should get drunk on beer before noon, but maybe one with your curry for lunch.

Shower Right After You Smoke or Pop an Edible

Showering after you smoke, or as you prepare for your edible to kick in, is a great way to feel refreshed and also get your day rolling. It is all too easy to smoke and then be lazy. Showering gets the smell of smoke off you, and gets you ready to enjoy the benefits of THC rather than wallow in a stoned daze.

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Prepare a Playlist or Activities In Advance

According to a review of time estimation studies, “A distorted sense of time is one of the most common effects of cannabis reported by users.” The review continues by saying nearly 70% of studies suggest cannabis users over-estimate how much time has gone by. While more research needs to be done on this subject, it is clear that the day can easily slip away when you wake and bake. It is best to pre-plan and activity you want to get done, with some time parameters. Don’t let the day completely get away from you (unless that is your goal).

Go Grocery Shopping the Day Before

Don’t be that person who is high and staring into an empty fridge. Be prepared, and spoil yourself with high energy brain food, like healthy options that include fruits and vegetables. It is best to avoid anything that involves much chopping or use of the stove – just to be safe.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important ingredients to a successful wake and bake is a good night’s sleep beforehand. If you wake up groggy or lethargic, while THC might take the edge off some of your discomfort, it can’t magically turn you into an energetic and excited person. Make sure you get a full 8 hours if possible. If you wake up feeling lousy, maybe save the wake and bake for another day.

Clear The Schedule

Don’t be overly ambitious. Sure, maybe your creative juices will be flowing after a wake and bake, but don’t plan on writing poems and doing several watercolor paintings before lunch. Clear your schedule and set realistic and well-intentioned goals.

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