Keeping things fun and relaxing throughout Zoom parties isn’t always easy, with these types of gatherings lapsing into contemplative silences or opportunities to complain about the many issues that are plaguing us. If you clicked on this story, you’ve probably reached the point in the pandemic where Alexa games sound appealing. Good for you.

Games are a simple way of keeping things light and Zoom parties on track, providing everyone involved with an opportunity to drink, have fun and forget about their problems, at least for a little while.

Alexa games are relayed through the app through voice commands, adding a looseness to parties and drinking games. Alexa games can be added to your device by opening the app on your phone and tapping on Skills & Games in the menu and entering the name of the game you want in the search bar.

Here are 5 Alexa games to entertain your virtual parties:

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This is one of those drinking games that can get you very drunk, very quickly, and if that’s something you’re craving look no further. Alexa will ask questions and players will point or name the person who’s most likely to commit those acts. That person has to drink. Quick and simple, as the best drinking games are.

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Spelling Bee starts off as a reminiscing opportunity, a great time for you and your friends to discuss your experiences with Spelling Bee in middle school. A couple of minutes in, once the alcohol starts to seep in, it becomes increasingly more difficult and fun.

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Trivia tends to elicit two responses from people; you either love it or you hate it. Trivia Battle is a fun game, trying it’s best to recreate Trivia night at your favorite bar. It might not be as fun and crazy, but with thousands of questions it will scratch the Trivia itch you’ve been missing in your life.

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For the movie lovers in your life, there’s the Movie Challenge game, a movie quiz that provides you with audio snippets of the movies in question and then ask players to answer the film and iconic moment.

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Never Have I Ever feels like a high school game and may trigger some teen trauma, but it’s a quick and easy way of getting people to drink and laugh. It also gets rid of the main problem with Never Have I Ever, which is the process of coming up with the question itself. Alexa provides you with a situation that lends itself for the game and has players drink when they have done whatever the device is discussing.

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