Cruises have rebounded from Covid in a HUGE way with some cruises sold out for upcoming years. Also popular are smaller, charters with 15-30 friends. This all inclusive bounty of food and fun has a great appeal.  And now they have alcohol packages that make imbibing easier and more cost efficient. But what do if you want marijuana on a cruise?

The cruise industry is expected to have over 31 million people board their ships this year.  This is larger than the 2019 numbers showing people are craving to board a boat and let loose.  The demand is so great, a new ship the Icon of the Seas, can carry 5,600 passagers and has built the largest waterpark on water.

All you can eat buffets, relaxing in the sun, music, multiple opportunities to chill, it would seem to be the perfect place to kick back and consume some marijuana.  But you need to be mindful of the rules.

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Marijuana products are simply illegal by federal law, so they’re banned across the entire fleets of pretty much every cruise line and river cruise company. Included in the prohibition are delta-8 and cannabinoid hemp products.  It also includes CBD and medical marijuana.

What if you bring them onboard?

Norwegian Cruise Line says in their policies that “items will be confiscated and not transported aboard. When an item is determined to be illegal the appropriate authorities will be informed.”

Carnival has a similar notice on its website. It says that the cruise line “reserves the right to confiscate any item” and that “items will be removed and disposed of and no compensation will be provided.”

Some ports of call have legal weed, like Seattle and Canada, so there is another opportunity for you to relax or restock.

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Knowing the rules, you can figure out your game plan. Many seniors use medical marijuana for pain and inflammation, in general, people use it for anxiety. And, some just use it for fun. If you can drink on board, perhaps you can have a gummy?

If you want to take it, remember the two giveaways.  Don’t use anything that produces a smell. It is a dead giveaway and very easy to trace back to you.  And you don’t want a staff member to have to confront you in front of your fellow passengers.  The second is don’t be overly high. While being a bit tight on alcohol is legal, but messy, onboard.  Being fully stoned is not.

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Consider how you are going to consume.  Tintures, oils and edibles are the easiest for boarding and produce the least smell. They are also better in managing your high.

Don’t use a cruise as your first time experiment. You may not have the reaction you want and it is tough to respond in an unknown and unfamiliar environment.

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If you decide to have marijuana on a cruise, be discreet, be chill and have a great time.  Bon voyage!

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