North American airlines expect to carry a record number of passengers again this summer with over 300 million flying between Memorial and Labor Day. This doesn’t count car trips, cruises, and train trips (east coast mainly). For most it if for pure fun, other family and, of course, some for work. But what if you want to chill out while on the road. Well, here are the best tips to travel with weed this summer.

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Discretion is the key, which means if you are going to consume, you might put away the flower and embrace vaping or gummies.  Flower has the telling smell and involves flames.  Lighters are hard to travel with and the smell is a no no in public places, rental cars, most AirBnB and hotels.  The best tip is, at least, move into something portable, minimal smell and not something TSA will notice.

Photo by Mister M via Unsplash

The airline and train industry are still ruled by the federal government and traveling with cannabis is still prohibited.  It is NOT SMART to travel with marijuana to another country.  For in country, TSA officers do not search for marijuana but are required to report any potentially illegal item they find during the security screening process to local law enforcement. States where it is illegal can make it difficult for you. Gummies can be dump into a bag with other candies and pass unnoticed.

Most major rental car companies also have a non marijuana use policy. They require customers to sign a contract agreeing to not smoke or vape in a loaner car or a $150 to $250 cleaning fee. This charge will automatically hit your credit card.

Hotels are also not a fan of smelly marijuana. As a private property owner, they can ban the use and, again, charge an extra cleaning fee. It seems the average cost of from hotels are $500 for ridding the room of the smell.

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If you are traveling to a fully recreational state, explore some of the local dispensaries and ask advice on where you can smoke outside. Otherwise, look for some of the unique vapes, beverages, and gummies they have and feel free to kick back and enjoy.

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