Jack Black is set to appear as “Steve” and we know he has been a fan of cannabis.  He and his Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass appeared on the cover of cannabis magazine High Times in 2002. He spoke about “waking and baking” during the press tour for Tropic Thunder in 2008 but also stated that he had used Wellbutrin during the process of quitting marijuana for good. But has used some since and we hope will champion the plant in the film.

Gamers are usually ahead of the mainstream and marijuana appeared before the sweep of legalization across Canada and the US.  Minecraft’s Herblore is a popular mod which acknowledges weed as part of daily life.  Around the same time it premiered, action-adventure Grand Theft Auto V was released. While the game revolves around stealing cars, running away from police and criminals, and completing missions in stolen vehicles, there’s a side mission called “Grass Roots” for cannabis users to trip out on.

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