A new year and a new you, people make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more and be healthier.  In fact, these are 3 of the top 5 goals set. Only 9% of those who make resolutions complete them, per the Ohio State University. In fact, research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.  But we have a couple of suggestions to help you be successful.

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First, is manage expectations.  Start with the goal of moving more instead of running a half-marathon.  Moving more opens the door to your body and mind to fold in exercise when given the chance and getting used to the concept. Yoga, moving and marijuana can help you hit your new you physically and mentally.

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Yoga, even 5-10 minutes, can be done anywhere and opens the body and mind. It improves strength, balance and flexibility which can work toward longer term fitness goals. It can relax you and help you sleep better along with providing more energy and brighter moods.

Marijuana has a long term relationship with the ancient practice. Cannabis can be a helpful tool for enhancing your yoga practice in many ways. By reducing stress, anxiety, and pain, cannabis can help you achieve greater physical and mental relaxation. Additionally, cannabis can help heighten your awareness, allowing you to stay more present and focused during your practice. When it comes to the postures, a general rule of thumb is to stay away from poses that have a higher level of risk for injury, which will be different for everyone.

If you plan to consume right before practice, smoking or vaping creates an immediate onset.  But smoking produces potentially harmful carcinogens, so if you’d like to create minimal harm you can choose vaping. An easier way if you have time prior is to consider a gummy or a sublingual spray or chocolate.  You can have a micro-dose and have just enough to put your body and mind into a good spot but still focused.

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If moving and yoga are new, cannabis can also be an anti-inflammatory as you change thinks up to your muscles. As you head into the new year, getting your body to move is essential to both your physical and mental heath, and cannabis can play a part.

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