If you’re a consumer of CBD, there may be an extra benefit to reap from the compound. New research shows a connections between the consumption of CBD-dominant cannabis and reduced alcohol intake.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado and published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, examined cannabis use in 120 subjects, featuring CBD, THC or hybrid cannabis strains.

Researchers found that users who consumed CBD-heavy strains “drank fewer drinks per drinking day, had fewer alcohol use days, and fewer alcohol and cannabis co-use days compared with the other groups.” Users of THC or hybrid strains showed no difference in between their drinking patterns.

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Results of this recent study showing a connection between CBD and less alcohol consumption are consistent with findings in previous studies. Aside from alcohol, the use of CBD has been connected with a decrease in opioid, heroin, tobacco and other substance use.

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“The present study lends preliminary support to the notion that plant-based CBD may be associated with decreased alcohol consumption among regular cannabis users and suggests that it may be feasible for regular cannabis users to switch to a higher CBD, lower THC content cannabis strain for the purposes of reducing their alcohol intake,” concludes the study.

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CBD has long been related with reduced alcohol intake. Previous studies have found the compound useful for treating heavy and chronic drinkers, finding that those who consumed cannabis had less alcohol on the same day. While this relationship is not understood, the amount of studies available show that there’s room to explore in this field, and that, with enough research, solutions and treatment options can appear for people who are heavy consumers of drugs and alcohol.

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